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This page is the entry point to three different Game Worlds. From here you can journey to the farthest reaches of the Universe, travel back in time to stand on a Quarterdeck with Blackbeard and the rest of the Caribbean pirates, or battle Dark Magic in a mystical Kingdom in an age of swords and sorcery.


Who am I?
Who am I?

I I am Missiledine, (pronounced 'missile din' (like a great noise or clatter!) the Game Master, or 'GM' for most of these games. I am also the Administrator or Web Master of this site. I have been playing RPGs since 1979 and I have played a wide variety of them over the years. My background includes D&D, AD&D, Rune Quest, Traveler, Boot Hill, Top Secret, Harn and of course, GURPS. I have DMed or GMed for almost as long as I have played. I will freely confess that my Web Master skills are not on par with my Game Master skills and I owe much to the efforts of an old and good friend. All that you see here that looks sharp and works smoothly is to his credit. Everything else is from me!  To contact me you can email me at missiledine@yahoo.com

All of the games you will find here are played by a combination of Email. Play By Post and IM Chat. Email play is between the player and the Game Master. Play By Post involves posting moves and descriptions to the game's Message or Posting Board. IM Chat can either be one on one with the player and GM or with multiple players and the GM.

Posting will be on the individual game's Message Board in its Yahoo Group. This means that membership on Yahoo is required to play any of these games.   if you are not a member, there is a link at the bottom of the page for Yahoo  so you can sign up.  Membership is free.               

IMing can be done either on Yahoo Instant Messenger (YIM) or AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) according the player's preference.

Most (But not ALL) of the games use GURPS (Generic Universal Role Playing System) Third Edition rules for character generation and conflict resolution.  The dice, in all the games, are controlled by the GM. Which brings up a point. These are Role Playing Games, NOT Sims! If you are looking for a Sim then I suggest you look elsewhere, there are many fine Sims on the net and a lot of good ones on Yahoo. Nor, are these games Free Form. There are rules and plot lines are set by the GM. There are consequences to a character's actions. Consequences that are determined by the GM as dictated by the plot line and circumstances. Characters can die as a result of their actions!

Some of the games, Veltrium in particular, have gone through several web sites and hosting services before settling into the present digs where they are hosted by a friend (Thanks Barry!) As a result you will notice that there are several versions of some pages and there are a few broken links and some missing graphics. Eventually I hope to have them all repaired or replaced on new web sites.

The first portal will take you to Velitrium, a world of Swords and Sorcery.

Notice that there are multiple links for Velitrium. As mentioned they represent old and new web sites for the game. Some of the information is duplicated on the newer pages (Eventually I hope to have ALL the information transferred over.) The Archive links will remain as they are. They were created at a time before I began using Yahoo Groups for posting and the Archives served as a way to allow all the players to follow the events of the game. Now that everyone can read the postings on the Message Board there is no need to maintain separate Archives.
Velitrium is a GURPS based game.

The second portal will take you to one of my Science Fiction Campaigns. My Space Campaign has (at the moment) become host to Battlestar Galactica PBEM. This is a game that I helped Co Moderate and, after the original owner decided to move on to other projects, I eventually took ownership of it. The game is based on the ORIGINAL TV series (1978) NOT the new revival. However the game takes place about 26 yahrens (years) after the end of the original series. (Do not fear! Galactica 1980 is ignored!) If you want to learn more about the web site, join the Group through the Yahoo links or contact me.

Battlestar Galactica PBEM is a GURPS based game.

The third portal will take you to Pirates & Zombies. This is set in the early years of the 18th century, primarily in the Caribbean. For the most part it follows historical events and time lines (there ARE some variations) but with the twist that magic, in the form of Voodoo, works!

This is the newest campaign to be launched and will be played exclusively as a PBP (Play By Post) to the Yahoo Group.

This is NOT a GURPS game. However there are rules to creating a character and the GM still controls the plot lines, NPCs and dice. Please read the rules carefully!

The fourth portal will take you to my Story site.  Here you will find works of fiction, by me and my players, related to the various campaigns. 



The Original Velitrium Site
This is the original web site for the game and has suffered a few problems in its moves over the years.  Still, there is a lot of data to be found here and it is worth exploring.  PLEASE NOTE: The Email links on this page are no longer valid!  Email me at Yahoo if you wish to contact me.


Original Velitrium Archives I
These are the original game sessions from the 'pre Yahoo' period.  Play was by Email or IM. 
PLEASE NOTE: The Email links on this page are no longer valid!  Email me at Yahoo if you wish to contact me.

Velitrium PBEM on Yahoo
Membership requires approval.  Feel free to contact me with any questions

Science Fiction Portal

Space Campaign: Battlestar Galactica

Click on the Galactica to visit the main site.  Please note that access is restricted to active players of Battlestar Galactica  PBEM game on Yahoo.

Battlestar Galactica PBEM on Yahoo
Membership requires approval.  Feel free to contact me with any questions

             Pirates & Zombies Portal     
Church of the FSM

Pirates & Zombies

Click on the map to visit the main site

Pirates & Zombies on Yahoo
Membership requires approval.  Feel free to contact me with any questions

Missiledine's Stories

Click on the scroll to visit the Story site

Other Sites



For GURPS Info
This link will take you to the web site of Steve Jackson Games, the company that produces GURPS.  For your information I use GURPS Third Edition rules.

These links will take you to a PDF copy of GURPS Lite, a 32 page condensed (Really!) version of the 3rd edition  GURPS rules system.  It is all you will need to get you started in GURPS and covers the basics of character creation.  
Additionally there are PDFs of all the Advantages and Disadvantages, GURPS Character sheets and the Instant Character booklet. You will require a PDF viewer to read them.

Download a copy of GURPS Lite

Download GURPS Advantages & Disadvantages File

Download a GURPS Character Sheet

Download an alternate version of a GURPS Character Sheet

Download GURPS Instant Characters

Yahoo Link
This will take you to Yahoo.  Membership is free.    
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Church of the FSM
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