Play By Email & Chat

Since the likelihood of all of us sitting down at a table over pizza to play is very slim, alternatives need to be explored.

Play takes place in several formats.  read on…

Be aware however, that since discovering Discord I have stopped doing PBEM, though it remains listed as a possible option.


 When I first began using chat for play it was with AIM, later with Yahoo chat.  Both are of course, history.  I liked them at the time because they were simple, free and most people had easy access to one or the other. also offers a chat system that is similar to Yahoo’s old system.  I confess however that I have yet to give it a ‘real world’ test run and though it will be convenient if it works, I am not adverse to exploring other options.

The best option I have found to date…

 I have now been running games on Discord for several months.  I am satisfied (mostly) with the system and have switched my focus to continuing in this format.  If you are not familiar with Discord I strongly recommend checking it out!  Although video chats are possible using Discord, they will NOT be required for those of you who prefer privacy and not having to dress for ‘company!’


   Play By E Mail, or PBEM to the account that I have established for the main play area. Most play is done in this fashion though I have run sessions using direct email between the player and GM (Me!)  In either case play involves exchanging e-mails describing the character’s actions and the responses and circumstances of what is going on around the character.
If you do not have a membership I suggest you get one.  If you are familiar with the old Yahoo Groups you will immediately feel at home in  Their goal was to replicate the positive aspects of Yahoo Groups without the BS.  I think they did a pretty good job.

Once you have a account you can connect to the appropriate posting board for the game you are playing.

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