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BSGPBEM, which stands for Battlestar Galactica Play By Email, should more accurately be simply ‘Space PBEM.’  It is a strictly GURPS based game that began life as my own Space Opera style game.  It was played table top, face to face, for three or four years before my core players moved out of the area.  Not long after packing up the materials I became involved as a player in an on line, PBEM, version of Battlestar Galactica that was based on the original TV series from the 70’s but set about 20 years AFTER the show,  The GM who created the game eventually decided to withdraw for personal reasons and she turned the whole project over to me.  I began the long term goal of integrating the BSG story line with my own Space campaign, but as often happens with on line games, player attrition brought it to a halt.  It is a game I would be interested in restarting if I find enough players.

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Please note: If you are a hard core BSG fan and purist, you probably won’t like my take on BSG history or technology!

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