Pirates & Zombies

Pirates & Zombies, though inactive is more like asleep.  I’d be happy to wake it up!

I ran this campaign as PBEM and chat on line for a bit over three years before player attrition set in.   Set primarily in the Caribbean around 1717, it is the Golden Age of Piracy in a world where Voodoo and Sorcery is real.  It is a Home Brew game system and though magic works, player characters will not have direct access to it.  By this I mean the player characters are not Sorcerers or Voodoo practitioners, though they will be able to benefit from magic items, charms and protections.

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Although I have made every effort to be historically accurate, the nature of the game means that there are some changes. But if you have ever wanted to face the likes of Blackbeard, Calico Jack Rackham or Charles Vane, this is the game for you!

Being set in the early 1700’s in the Caribbean, the game will reflect the times.  Slavery is legal, both Africans, Indigenous Natives and Europeans are bought and sold in public markets.  Religious Intolerance is a source of conflict as is national, cultural and ethnic origins.  This is not a license for players to pursue personal beliefs and bigotries!  If that seems to be the case, the player will be banned.

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