Welcome to Missiledine’s Games.

This is a traditional Role Playing Game site (RPG) that is intended to be an index to the various games or Campaigns that I run.  Each game has its own unique site that serves as background and source material for my players.

Games are played ‘Face to Face’ (table top.)  By email or by chat using one of several chat services, including Discord

Game Summaries

Not all of the games are currently active so check with me for confirmation before getting too excited!

 The games are played using several different systems.  My own background includes AD&D 1st edition, AD&D 2nd, AD&D 3.0 and 3.5, GURPS, 1st, 2nd and 3rd editions, Traveler, Pendragon, Boot Hill, Top Secret, Rune Quest, Pathfinder, D20 and several Home Brews.  What you will find here is GURPS 3, AD&D 1st and two Home Brews of my own.

The menu above will take you to a brief summary of each game and its current status, along with some general information pages.  From there you can go directly to the game sites, (or use the menu below.)  My sites are always a work in progress so don’t be surprised if a link on one of the game sites is inactive.  Please let me know if you find something seriously mangled!

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Everyone is welcome to join, novice or experienced player, regardless of age, gender, species, etc.
However… Though I do not go out of my way to run ‘pornographic’ games, adult themes do arise in play. Role playing games, especially historically based ones, by their nature often contain events and subject matter that can be either adult oriented or of controversial and potentially offensive (to some) topics. Possible issues that may arise include, but are not limited too, gender roles, sexual orientation, sexual acts, racism, murder, random violence, slavery, religion, religious intolerance, ethnic or national origin issues and intolerance. If you find these, and similar issues disturbing, even in a fictional role play game context, I suggest you find another game to join. Let me emphasize, I DO NOT go out of my way to create story lines or encounters that seek to explore these issue, BUT with one Campaign set in the 17th Century Caribbean and another in 19th Century England and surrounding areas, some issues are bound to arise. Consequently I ask that an interested player please tell me what your real age is, as opposed to your character’s age.  This is simply so I can ensure some degree of compatibility amongst players.


Missiledine’s Games now has a Discord Server. (Mostly finished though I am still working through the learning curve!) You MUST be a member to play, view and post. Please Note: The Discord Server is restricted as NSFW which means it is age restricted for general access (see my comments above.)

One last thing…..

If you are someone who has a problem with, or takes exception to, ideas like, magic, demons, fictional religions, interpretations of real religions and deities…. Then this probably isn’t for you.  GO AWAY!


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