Victorian Dreadful

Still getting organized!

This game is my newest and the one I am most focused on getting started.  It is a ‘Home brew’ system that is the bastardized child of AD&D 1st, 2nd and 3rd along with elements of GURPS, Call of Cthulhu, other GM’s rules and my own twisted ideas.

It is primarily intended to be played online, either by email or chat.  It is new, so prospective players be warned, you are play testing as we go!

It is set primarily in Victorian England in 1890, though some travel may ensue.  It is a VERY Low Magic campaign and players accustomed to lots of magic and the associated powers will be disappointed.  It is also a game in which combat, at least lethal combat, should not be your first option.  The penalty for Murder is Death by Hanging!  And guns are lethal!  The emphasis should be on Role Playing, not combat.

If you are familiar with the TV show ‘Penny Dreadful’ then you will have a feel for what this campaign will be like.

The game uses Classes, levels and experience points.  There are changes from the traditional AD&D classes and a new class has been added.

Being set in the 19th Century, at the height of the British Empire, the game will reflect the times.  Slavery, though largely outlawed is still legal in some parts of the world.  Religious Intolerance, though in decline, remains a source of conflict.  And nationalism, cultural and ethnic origin, along with Colonialism, are sources of friction and conflict.  Sexism is strong, though players are encouraged to create characters that ‘break the norms’  this is not a license for players to pursue personal beliefs and bigotries!  If that seems to be the case, the player will be banned.

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