Velitrium is not currently active.

This is a classic Sword & Sorcery Campaign that I first started as an AD&D 1st edition campaign back in late 79.   It has run, with a few breaks, pretty much continuously since and has 40+/- years of game history attached to it.  In its original incarnation it was strictly AD&D 1st but in the early 90’s I was bitten by the GURPS bug and pretty much rewrote the campaign to conform to that system.  As time has gone by it has gotten harder and harder to find GURPS players so I began, reluctantly, converting it BACK to AD&D 1st.  Most of the site is still set to GURPS at this point.   One of the reasons it is not an active campaign.  The other is because, after thirty plus years of running Fantasy campaigns I am rather tired of them.

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Velitrium is the ‘highest’ Magic campaign I run.  Even with that it is not on the level of many S&S Campaigns where there are Cloud Castles and high level Wizards are practically demi-gods.  The technology is compatible with Medieval Europe though some areas and groups are less advanced.

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